Scooter drivers are in most DANGER!
when crossing, or driving along, roads

January 2020 Nottingham
A man, knocked off his mobility scooter in a crash with a car was taken to hospital

January 2020 Kings Lynn
An elderly scooter driver was seriously injured in a collision with a car near a roundabout

December 2019 Cannock
A woman was killed after a hit-and-run driver crashed into her mobility scooter on New Year's Eve

When crossing the road, you should:-

  • Plan your journey so that, if you can, you use Zebra crossings or, better, Pelican (lights controlled) crossings.

  • Take special care and if possible, cross at the same time as pedestrians - but don't be first onto the road.

  • Always use dropped kerbs when moving off the pavement when there is no marked crossing.

  • Always approach kerbs at right angles to climb or descend.

  • Not try to negotiate a kerb higher than your scooter manufacturer’s recommendations.

  • Not drive onto the road from between or behind parked vehicles.

January 2020 Kidderminster
The male driver of a mobility scooter died as a result of injuries received in a collision with a car

January 2020 Eastbourne
A man was taken to hospital after a collision between his mobility scooter and a car

January 2020 Glasgow
A man is in intensive care after his mobility scooter hit a pothole and was sent sprawling onto a busy road

News of some of our Safety Sessions held in Horsham District

Pamela was one of the first to successfully complete the Scooter Safety Session
This lady had never driven a scooter before but after a short time, was enjoying showing well she could steer

Comments from people who have attended a Safety Session:

"very comprehensive and worthwhile"

"This should be obligatory and come as part of the package with the sale of new scooters"

"I like what you are doing ... for those who are disabled"

"increased my confidence and really enjoyable"

"Good team, all working together"

"excellent all round"

Gary, with Tony, takes a trip around the Park

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