For some, a mobility scooter is essential to help maintain independence

Unfortunately, each year, there are a number of accidents involving these vehicles. Several have been severe and resulted in deaths. View the statistics

See newspaper accounts of accidents involving mobility scooters.

Which is why our FREE 90 minute* Stay Safe skills and safety session is being offered.

Experienced scooter drivers will benefit by being reminded about the safety aspects and their responsibilities. It's never too late to learn! - and they can pass on their experience.

New drivers: If someone doesn’t feel confident or safe on a mobility scooter, has recently started using one or is thinking of getting one, then a FREE scooter safety session could help. You may like to bring a family member or friend (but please tell us beforehand).

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A scooter safety session lasts about 90 minutes
on a Wednesday afternoon - and is FREE

You will receive a copy of our 'Guidelines for Safety', a certificate of attendance and a bright orange high-visibility jacket which you can either wear when on your scooter or display it by draping it over the back of the seat (See and be Seen!)

DOWNLOAD our poster (then save/print as A4 or A5) and use it to tell your friends

In Horsham, we often meet and begin our Safety Sessions at The Barn in Horsham park, next to the Conservatory Café - see this map


Phone now to book your FREE place on one of our Safety Sessions
01403 269 384

If you don't yet have a mobility scooter, go to this page.

We don't train you. Animals are trained to sit up and beg.

We show/remind you of the best and safest way to drive a mobility scooter.

Scooter Safety Sessions are now available in Horsham District. The aim is to increase safety awareness and skills of all mobility scooter users and reduce the risk of accidents and injuries.

Your friendly 'Scooter Tutor' will talk to you about the best way of turning, cornering, reversing, crossing roads, going up and down kerbs, through doorways, etc.

You can practice on the excellent, smooth, 'outdoor classroom' and then go for a short tour in the town with your personal 'Scooter Tutor'

During the ninety-minute session you will hear how to avoid accidents by spotting potential hazards and given helpful driving tips.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) recommend that mobility scooter users should be offered better guidance on their use. Read the article

safe manoeuvring

Considering buying a mobility scooter?
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Stay Safe sessions are designed to help all scooter drivers

You will be able to:
• Gain useful safety tips to help yourself and others
• Practice giving way to pedestrians at all times
• Improve your awareness and control skills
• Better understand the law∗ affecting mobility scooters
• Understand the scooter controls
• Look for and recognise hazards

This is not a test. There is no 'Pass' or 'Fail'

(∗ For instance, powered wheelchairs and scooters MUST NOT travel faster than 4 mph on pavements or in pedestrian areas. This is far quicker than most people walk and you will need to reduce your speed to avoid injuring other pavement users.)

You will find out:
• The safe way of getting on and off a scooter
• How to adjust the scooter to suit you
• What action to take in an emergency
• How to safely carry shopping, crutches, walking sticks
• How to protect personal items, e.g. phone, bag, purse
• How to turn, pass doorways and other openings, cross roads, negotiate dropped kerbs and slopes

Phone now to register your interest: 01403 269 384

(if we are out, please leave your number on the answering machine)

or email:

Stay Safe on your Mobility Scooter is a concept of
Horsham District Older Peoples Forum and
Horsham Town Community Partnership
in association with
Age UK Horsham District, Horsham District Council and Clearwell Mobility